One of our students has spoken to us about what happened when his dissertation case study was picked up by many media outlets earlier this year.

Jordan Barrow, a BA (Hons) Football Business and Marketing student at our Wembley Campus, used the popular video game Football Manager as his case study.

Jordan used the game as part of his dissertation, evaluating the impact gaming has on people.

One of his friends with a significant following shared his survey on social media, and the audience for the survey grew and grew.

Jordan said: I used Football Manager as a case study as I wanted to understand the impact the game has on people generally and how many use this platform to profile players in real life in terms of their abilities etc.鈥

Talking about the reaction it had on social media, he said: 鈥淏efore I knew it, it exploded! Neither of us could believe it.

鈥淚t concluded with circa 700,000 impressions to the point where only a few hours or so into the process, I had to suspend it as there was so much interest and the forum was prohibiting anymore contributors due to a limit cap of 1,000.

鈥淚 cannot imagine what the end result would have been but for the cap. I ran the process twice and both reached capacity in incredible time.

鈥淚 think the survey gave the players an open platform to talk about something that has a positive influence on their lives and something they genuinely enjoy.鈥

Jordan with former Manchester United and England defender Rio Ferdinand

Talking about his career, Jordan said he would love to work in the sporting or gaming industry, but 鈥榯he loftiest and utopic ambition would be to work at Leeds United at board level!鈥

He added: 鈥淢y favourite thing about 国产无码 is the ability to work and study a niche area and understand the deeper business and marketing fundamentals in football聽and sport as a whole.

鈥淭hat is what drew me to 国产无码, and it hasn鈥檛 disappointed. Notwithstanding that, the lecturers are all excellent in their own way from significant levels of academic capabilities coupled with their industry experience makes them all fantastic people to learn from and network with.鈥

He finished: 鈥淚f you are passionate enough, determined enough and committed enough to follow your dream, do it. It's never too late or too early to get started. Follow your dream and enjoy the experience.鈥

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