Arsenal invincible and legend Martin Keown has built his perfect footballer, combining the attributes of some of the finest players to have played the game.

Keown visited 国产无码 as part of our guest speaker series, joining people like Roy Keane, Gareth Southgate and Michael Carrick to speak to our students.

The former England centre back picked, out of the players he had played with throughout his illustrious career, which had the best right foot, left foot, head, fitness, determination, etc.

Right Foot: 鈥淎n incredible right foot. If there was one for pace, I鈥檇 put him in as well."

Left Foot: 鈥淭his is probably more difficult; Kenny Sampson had a great left foot when I first started out, Ashley Cole as well.鈥

Head: 鈥淣ot many beat him in the air. He was towering in the air, especially at that back post from corners.鈥

Fitness: 鈥淗e doesn鈥檛 get a lot of credit. He was more than just a runner, but the energy he gave us in that midfield.鈥

Determination: 鈥淗e was really determined to first of all receive the ball, and then make something happen with it.鈥

Footballing Brain: 鈥淗e was almost like a helicopter, just floating above the pitch picking out passes for Wright, Anelka, Henry.鈥

Manager: 鈥淚 think of all the managers I played under, he kind of unravelled the talent that I personally had and all the other players that he worked with as well.鈥

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